Bridge to Neuroscience Workshop

Our objective is to increase Hispanic representation in the neurosciences. 

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About Us

Bridge to the Ph.D. in Neuroscience Program (BPNP) was developed by 
Dr. William D. Atchison at Michigan State University (MSU) in collaboration with the RISE program from the University of Puerto Rico at Cayey. 

The objective of BPNP is to increase Hispanic representation in the neurosciences. In the BPNP the participating students are recruited as undergraduate students from institutions in Puerto Rico. The BPNP program supports and facilitates their educational and professional development during the last two years of undergraduate and first two years of Ph.D. studies in neuroscience. 


• Increase awareness of neuroscience as a discipline. 
• Provide an opportunity for student-student mentorship. 
• Provide research opportunities in neuroscience related fields.


There was a need to increase the awareness and involvement of younger students in the Parent Bridge Program (BPNP), thus a group of advanced graduate students with neuroscience-oriented research developed this workshop.  The development of BNW was made by Alexandra Colón-Rodriguez, Eileen S. Rodriguez-Tapia and Dr. Chelsea Tiernan.

Interested in participating in the BNW program?